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“Love, I got it bad for you saved the best I have for you sometimes make me sad and blue wouldn't have it any other way”

Lena Meyer-Landrut

Who Is Lena Meyer-Landrut?

This 1.68 m tall beauty is a famous singer from Germany. Born on May 23, 1991, in Hanover, she is currently 29 years old. Her full name is a little bit long - Lena Johanna Therese Meyer-Landrut. She has a nickname - Lena. Well, Lena, you indeed look beautiful.

Has Lena Meyer-Landrut Ever Been Naked?

Paparazzi caught her naked four years ago, back in 2014. She was 26 years old then, and she caught topless on the balcony. Her first nude photos were from 2009 when Lena was only 19 in a TV Show, "Helfen Sie mir!". There Lena showed her wet naked body.

Why is Lena Meyer-Landrut famous?

Lena has numouruos albums and hits. Here are some of her albums list: Albums: Only Love, L, My Cassette Player, Crystal Sky, Good News, Stardust - Lena won the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with the song Satellite, and most people know her because of that song and performance.

Lena Meyer-Landrut scandals?

Her nude scandals include iCloud Leaked Photos and paparazzi nudity. Lena showed an entirely naked body in those leaked photos. From pussy to her ass back to her perky nude boobs. She is not scandalous like Kim Kardashian, but she likes showing off her sexy feet and naked body, that is for sure.

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